First Visit

Your child’s first day at Early Explorers Nursery will be a mix of emotions for you all!  We hope to make it a fun and exciting day…. So, where shall we start?


Each child attending Early Explorers should bring the following;


  • Nappies and wipes if appropriate
  • A full change of spare clothes with extras if your child is currently toilet training
  • A small bag or rucksack
  • Some wellies for outside play
  • A piece of fruit
  • Lunch box if your child is staying for lunch with us


We kindly ask you to label all your child’s clothes, including shoes if possible. This will assist in helping any children who may find it difficult recognising their own garments, hence preventing unnecessary distress.


All children will be provided with a peg outside our classroom. This will be labelled with their name. To help keep our cloakroom tidy we ask that children’s shoes and belongings are stored in their bag and any toys they have bought in to share with their peers be put into the show and tell basket.

If your child wishes to keep a special toy or comforter when settling in, it is absolutely fine for them to bring it into the classroom with them.


Before arrival it is important to explain clearly to your child that you will be leaving them to play and you will return to collect them later.


Every child is unique and some will settle at Nursery straight away, whilst others may take longer.  Experience has shown us that it’s often the parents that need more support and we want this to be an exciting and wonderful opportunity for your child to start exploring their new environment.


We will be available for you to discuss any worries or concerns or indeed any wonderful achievements your child has had since their last session with us at the start and end of each session.  Appointments can also be made with the Manager after or before Nursery starts for longer conversations and Home Visits are available if you feel your child may benefit from this before they start to settle into Nursery.

Early Explorers Nursery in Worthing • The Labour Hall, 119 Lyndhurst Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 2DE  •  Contact: 07598 130910